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The Gift of the Holy Spirit the Common Privilege of All Believers by George Whitefield (88k)



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Sermons of George Whitefield that
have never yet been reprinted

Genesis 3:15, Serpents beguiling Eve
Matthew 9:12, Christ the Physician of the Soul
Matthew 16:26, The polite & Fashionable Diversions of the Age, destructive to Soul & Body
Matthew 22:42, The Danger of man resulting from sin
Mark 11:13f, The Barren Fig-Tree
Numbers 6:25f, Aaron’s Blessing the Children of Israel
John 20, The Unbeliever Convicted
John 3:3, Jesus Christ the only Way to Salvation
Matthew 5:4, The Happy Mourner Comforted
Luke 4:29, The Spirit, Doctrines & Lives of our Modern Clergy
Romans 12:2, The great Danger of Conformity to the World
Isaiah 54:5, The Best Match
Jeremiah 8:20–22, The Balm of Gilead Displayed
Song of Solomon 5:16, Christ our Friend & 2 Kings 4, A Lecture
Psalm 105:45, A Farewell Sermon
Luke 15:11, The Prodigal Son
1 Corinthians 1:15, The Believer's Golden Chain
Ephesians 4:24, Putting on the New Man a certain mark of the real Christian
Philippians 1:27–28, The Faith of the Gospel
Matthew 3:7, Flying from the Wrath to Come
Mark 8:36f, The Invaluable Worth of a Soul
John 11:36, The Amazing Love of Christ
Luke 19:9–10, Exhortation to come and see Jesus
John 1:35–36, The True Nature of Beholding the Lamb of God & Matthew 26:75, Peter’s denial of his Lord
John 14:16, The Promise of the Spirit (final leaf of original is missing)
Romans 8:30, A Farewell Parochial Sermon (Stonehouse)
Matthew 25:13, Watching, the peculiar duty of a Christian
Romans 4:16 (is this in fact by Whitefield, or is it by an Erskine?)

The list originally included "Acts 11:23, New Converts Exhorted to Cleave to the Lord". It appears that this was not a Whitefield sermon. The title page reads:

New converts exhorted to cleave to the Lord: A sermon on Acts. XI. 23. Preach'd July 30. 1740. At a Wednesday evening-lecture, in Charlestown, set up at the motion, and by the desire of the Rev. Mr. Whitefield; : with a brief introduction relating to the character of that excellent man. By Isaac Chanler, Minister of the Gospel on Ashley River, in the province of South-Carolina. ; With a preface by the Reverend Mr. Cooper of Boston, N.E.

Sermons published in D Macfarlane's
Revivals of the Eighteenth Century

These sermons have been reset from the original publications, not from Macfarlane's book. The differences are minor.


Luke 4:18f, The Duty of a Gospel Minister

Jeremiah 6:14, The Method of Grace

Romans 14:17, The Kingdom of God