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The Quinta Church is not connected with the Quinta Conference Centre which is on the other side of the road, although we are on friendly terms with those who live and work there.

If you are coming for a houseparty at the Quinta Estate why not plan to come and fellowship with us on the Sunday?

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We believe the Bible, and would be described as Protestant, non-ecumenical, non-Anglican, non-Roman Catholic, non-Greek Orthodox, non-sacramentarian, and Trinitarian (these phrases appear in our historic Trust Deed). We receive no support from the state.

The church practices believers’ baptism by affusion and receives into its membership those who have a credible profession of faith in Jesus Christ. We are non-charismatic. This may seem odd to some who think that an evangelical church must be charismatic, but the Church holds to those beliefs identified as evangelical long before the charismatic movement appeared on the scene.

The minister since 1990 is Dr Digby L. James (whose picture, here, was taken in 1973!)

150th Anniversary of the Chapel opening

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Please join us at our meetings.


Sunday 11.00am in the Quinta Congregational Chapel (April to October) and in homes (November to March).
The Quinta Congregational Chapel will be found in Bronygarth Road, Weston Rhyn, Oswestry, Shropshire, England, just before the entrance to the Quinta Conference Centre.
Prayer meeting on Wednesdays 7.00pm (variable locations)
The Chapel is a Registered Charity Number 1055639

The current Trustee of the building is the Evangelical Fellowship of Congregational Churches Trust Corporation Limited

The Church, as a church, is in UK law recognized as a charity but does not require to be registered (this will change in coming years and all churches will be required to register as charities). It is known technically as an “excepted charity”. Details can be found at: