Campus Crusade

They Put Us To Shame

Dr Digby L. James

Dr Digby L. James is the minister of the Quinta Independent Evangelical Church, Weston Rhyn, Shropshire, and publishes old books.

This article was writtem in 1977 and first published in Evangelical Times in 1981. While several details have changed over the course of time, the essential details and the critique remain the same. Apologies if there are still typos from the scanning process… >>more

Some Thoughts

by Stuart Olyott

Stuart Olyott was now Pastoral Director of the Evangelical Movement of Wales at the Evangelical Theological college of Wales and was an elder at Free School Court Evangelical Church, Bridgend.

This article was first published by the author in in 1968 on his hearing of Campus Crusade's arrival in the UK when he was minister of Belvedere Road Independent Baptist Church, Liverpool. While several details have changed over the course of time, the essential details and the critique remain the same. The text of this article is copyright Stuart Olyott and is reproduced here by permission of the author… >>more

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What on Earth is Christian Worship? PDF file PDF file

Dr Digby L. James

Marriage Amendment: On the Horns of a Dilemma

by Phillip A. Ross

President George W. Bush has called for an amendment to the Constitution in order to stop the encroachment of those who want access to the various federal and state benefits that are accorded to married couples… >>more

Personal Relationship with Jesus Christ

by Phillip A. Ross

Last evening (4/28/05) President Bush held a televised news conference. He was asked to speak about whether faith was being politicized. In his response he said, "I view religion as a personal matter." A few moments later he repeated this thought, "I believe faith is a personal issue." … >>more

Body & Soul — Spirit

by Phillip A. Ross

I bought a new Reformation Study Bible, edited by R.C. Sproul, and was reading Genesis 2 and the various comments and notes this morning. A brief article on page 10 discusses the composition of a human person. … >>more

Necessary Christian Reading

by Adam T. Ross

The following is a bibliography of recommended reading for all Christians, regardless of denomination. I have included enough books in the list to sufficiently challenge something for everybody. We should not look at challenges to where we are as evil things but as opportunities to expand our knowledge of God, "Christianity," and the Church.… >>more