Me and my sister April at 14 Orchard Road, Seer Green at Christmas 1957.

Seer Green Church of England County Primary School
Members of the cast of the end of term play plus others. I guess this is late 1962 (most of these left in 1963).
Back row: Brian Barney, Christopher Unwin, Leslie ???, Barbara Turner, Diana? (or Anna?) Havard, Digby James, Gregory Ollie,
Raymond Payne (sadly killed in the early 70s and buried in Seer Green cemetary), Ian Ramage, Aubrey Riddle.
Front row: Melvin Lofty, Penny Carter, Diane Gregory, Audrey Worley, Jaqueline Lacy, Mary? ???
Before the performance, Gregory was ill and I took his part as a scarecrow (below).

Diane Gregory, Audrey Worley(?), Digby James, Melvin Lofty, Ian Rammage

1st Seer Green Wolf Cubs (renamed Cub Scouts in 1967) at an indoor outing with fake camp fire in foreground.
First on left I don't remember; second left (partly hidden) is Christopher Unwin, third left is me; fourth I don't remember,
fifth from left is Arkela (Pam Parham), sixth from left is Roy Broadbridge, seventh Geoffrey Heuser, eighth left I don't remember.

Wycombe Technical High School, High Wycombe. Form 2A 1964/65

Some of the assigned names are guesses. I've got the list here with the names of everyone who went to the Tech in 1963 from the Bucks Free Press, but I can't remember all the faces to link the names to (sorry if you're one of them!). And Matyczynski isn't on the list, so I got his name from the 1965 Speech Day programme.

Back Row: Pete Jeskins, Dave Lee, Robert Bliss, David Bird, Martin Tautz, Andy Goves, Robert Cook, John Chadwick, Brian Hughes(?)

Middle Row: James Hopkins, Ian McMeeking, Digby James, Gavin Francis, Andrew Smith, Andre Matyczynski, Roger Woodward, George Ludgate, Mark Griffiths

Front Row: David ('Gomf') Burton, Philip Croxon, Richard Long(?), Kelvin Mansbridge, David Collett(?), James Walker, Richard Ashby, Michael Copling, Geoffrey Chapman

Wycombe Technical High School, High Wycombe. School Printing Club 1966

Back Row: Andy Goves, Cook, Gavin Francis (behind), Chadwick, Digby James, Pete Jeskins, Griffiths, David ('Gomf') Burton

Front Row: Richard Long(?), David Collett(?), Jeffrey Chapman, Michael Copling, ???

Me shortly before leaving Wycombe Technical High School, High Wycombe, in May 1966. This is in the new school at the top of Marlow Hill.

Price's Grammar School, Fareham, CCF Inspection, probably 1968. I believe it was at this inspection that a colonel or general stopped and asked Christopher Bard what his ambition was. 'To be Prime Minister' was the reply.

Price's Grammar School, Fareham, 1969/1970 Upper Sixth

When I get the time I'll try and name everyone. If you know anyone (if it's you!) please let me know by clicking here.


Back Row: ???, Brian Gamblin, Steve Withers, ???, Steve Dear, Paul Hawes, Pete Orme, Martin Allen, ???, ???, 'Harry' Roberts(?), Pete Long, Wallace, Ian Scott (behind), Nick 'Boris' Miller (head down), Christopher Tuck, Michael Palmer, Martin Courtney, ???, Digby James, Rob Scammell, ???, Colin Stevens-Hoare, Hugh Smith, ???, Ken Giles, Clive Nicholson, Rob 'Stan' Unwin

Third Row: Mike Osbourne, Dyer, Kev O'Carroll, Kelvin Parker, Chris Cottrell, Pat Gatland, Steve Kimber, Roger Bartlett, Mike Crawshaw, Steve Chappell, ???, ???, Richard Corby, Tony Beaton

Second row: Ian Reid, Knott, Pete Border, Mark Burrows, ???, ???, Mark Burgess, Nigel Balchin, Beasley(?), ???, Martin Rouse(?), Christopher Derrick, Brian Cariss

Front Row: Nick Cotton, Keith Wilks, Steve Reddaway, Roger Lynch, ???, Eric Poyner (headmaster), Tom Hilton (deputy headmaster), Mike Dashper, Fred Croker, Christopher Bard, Bob Lee, Brian Moxey


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